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There’s a new phenomenon in parenting literature that combines satire, nostalgia and belly laughs. It’s called “Go the F**k to Sleep” by Adam Mansbach.

This book sold more than 50,000 copies in pre-orders alone and, according to Amazon, has become “the secret anthem of tired parents everywhere” since its release in June.

Why? Because we’ve all been there. We know what it’s like to be up all night, walking the floors, trying to make soothing sounds with the hair dryer or vacuum, completely strung out, wondering why our babies won’t conk out when that’s all we want to do.

“It’s what goes on in your head. What you would like to say but can’t,” says Deborah Pedrick, who has made a career out of helping exhausted parents get some Zs.

This child sleep consultant from Stamford believes that night-time issues can affect an entire family’s lifestyle. And we’re not just talking about newborns. Oftentimes sleep problems persist with toddlers and older children who get into a nightmare pattern.

Years ago, after being inspired by her pediatrician, Mark Weissbluth, who wrote “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child,” Pedrick created, which breaks down and simplifies expert advice. Pedrick also consults with moms and dads in their home.

“It’s my job to find out their philosophy because one method might work for one family and not for another,” she says. A mother herself, she looks at the sleep environment, nap schedule and, most importantly, the bedtime routine. “Kids are going to bed too late,” she believes.

My Ben wouldn’t sleep through the night for two years. Two years. I became a snappish maniac who was buying every how-to tome and DVD on the market, but nothing seemed to work. I beat myself up, thinking: “My older son slept OK, why won’t Ben?”

Pedrick says every child’s personality is different. She claims to help moms clarify the confusion and sift through the sea of information.

“When you try so many different things, you might not give the right thing enough time,” she says.

Eventually, I gave up, figuring that he’d have a solid night when his body was ready. But, Pedrick says, based on her experience, that line of reasoning is wrong.

“All kids can sleep. We’ve always found a solution,” she says. “It’s so rewarding to get families happy and healthy and sleeping well.”

If you’re not offended by expletives, go onto You Tube and listen to Samuel L. Jackson read a snippet of this hilarious book. Maybe I find it so entertaining because of my “been there, done that” history.

Times have changed, and he now sleeps fine but remains entirely stubborn in other areas. Perhaps I should collaborate on a sequel called “Sit the F*** Down and Eat What’s on Your F***ing Plate.” Now that’s a best-seller just waiting to happen.

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  1. Having a newborn, this is a tempting book to want to buy!! But is this something you can actually read to kids for their bedtime routine? As far as bedtime routine and sleep, we have a goodnight song we sing every single night with our kids, from the time they were infants. It’s a nice, consistent part of their evening right before bed. And we didn’t do this so much with our first child, but with #2, I think it’s helped that we included him in a regular bedtime routine even as a baby. I actually wish we would have been better at brushing his gums at 6 months, because I think it would have made tooth-brushing struggles a little easier when he got a bit older. (This Mom’s Guide has some helpful info on that.) Thanks for the info on the book.

    • This book is a parent’s only read ;). Yes routines are everything. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

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