Short nappers – Long nappers, eventually they all meet up!!!!!

June 4, 2012 at 11:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Brief Naps: Good News!
by weissbluthmethod

During my nap study, I divided all children into 5 groups based on the total duration of naps at 6 months of age. Those in the briefest nap group had a mean total duration of naps at 6 months of 2.3 hours and the range was 1-2.5 hours. By 9 months of age, the mean total duration of naps had increased to 2.7 hours. So hang in there and expect your brief napper to sleep longer during the day.
But in all the other four groups, the mean total nap duration decreased during this time. This suggests that among about 20% of babies there is a slower maturation of day sleep rhythms. I do not know if post-colicky babies (about 20% of all babies) are over represented in this briefest nap group but I suspect that this is the case. What are your thoughts?
Another piece of good news, by 19-21 months of age when about 80%-90% of babies are taking a single nap, those babies who had been in the briefest nap group have a mean nap duration of 2.2 hours which is similar to the babies in the other 4 groups.


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  1. For our Sleep Consultants this post of Weissbluth means a lot. We work with families everyday who struggle with their short nappers. They have a healthy foundation for sleep but their babies are short nappers and this can be very frustrating for mom. I guess we assume that all babies need to nap a specific amount of time but the duration of naps for every baby varies greatly. Our short nappers still wake happy and appear to be rested throughout the day but also require that insanely early bedtime (which for parents can be a challenge), especially if these naps are on the shorter end for months and months. So in conclusion it is the way it is some times and all we can do is provide our children the right time to nap, space and time to go and return to sleep and in general healthy attitude about sleep and then the rest is up to our little one’s individual biological system to change when it’s ready.

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